The Story of a beautiful building...

Moot House, located in The Stow, Harlow, has a rich and varied history dating back to the mid-19th century. Originally built around 1840 as the vicarage for St Mary-at-Latton church by the Arkwright family, the house became the only habitation in the rural landscape surrounding it by 1947.

Over the years, Moot House has played many roles in the community. In the early days of the New Town, the vacant building became the de facto town hall for Epping and later Harlow Councils. It also served as a cultural center when the Netteswell & Mark Hall Community Association took over the building for the benefit of new town residents.

On the forecourt of Moot House stands the sculpture 'Chiron', which was commissioned to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953. This sculpture is the first of Harlow's collection of sculptures.

In 1955, a bar was opened in Moot House, which was located in the old coach house. After years of careful management, the social club members raised enough funds to build a new building.

Today, Moot House is a beautiful grade II listed house that remains an important part of Harlow's history and community and a wonderful place for my Studio.

Black and white photo of Moot house harlow in 1960
Colour render of Moot house Harlow in 1960
Moot house Harlow in 1953
Colour render of Moot house Harlow in 1960
Moot house Harlow in 1953 the stow shopping centre opening day
Moot house Harlow in 1960
Moot house Harlow in 1960


0.30secs you can see the outside of Moot House

Duke of Edinburgh outside moot house harlow with a crowd of people and police officers

The Chiron Statue

In 1953, Mary Spencer Watson (1913-2006) was commissioned to create a sculpture commemorating the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Her brief was that it should express the idea of ‘community’. She chose the ancient figure of Chiron, a centaur and teacher, because his wisdom incorporated all the activities to be enjoyed at its location: the forecourt of Moot House Social Club. Spencer Watson set up camp there in a caravan, and emerged each day to carve directly into Portland Stone until Chiron Teaching the Young Hero emerged.

Photo taken by louise of L.Hibbard Photography of the Statue Chiron situated outside Moot House Harlow