-The Len White Wedding Room-

The Len White Room and My Wedding Photography

Step into the Len White Room at Moot House, where your special day becomes a tapestry of elegance and intimacy. Named after the beloved local Councillor who dedicated himself to the community, this enchanting space is a haven for weddings that overflow with love, joy, and togetherness.

As you step inside the Len White Room, you'll be embraced by an atmosphere as warm and inviting as a cherished hug. It's not just a room; it's a place designed for community celebrations and authentic moments. With room for up to 24 guests, your closest friends and family will surround you in a setting that feels personal and deeply connected.

Dressed in the gentle and soothing shades of magnolia, the Len White Room sets a stage of timeless beauty. Delicate florals within the space, adding a touch of nature's grace to your special day.

But this room isn't just about looks; it's about experience. With a music center and modern Bluetooth sound bar, the Len White Room adapts to your love story's soundtrack.

The Len White Room's allure is heightened by its abundance of natural light. Sunshine pours in through generous large window, filling the room with an airy glow. The light dances with the room's decor, bringing out the best in the magnolia walls and illuminating the floral arrangements.

Your wedding day deserves a backdrop that mirrors the uniqueness of your love.

The Len White Room at Moot House promises an experience that's intimate, enchanting, and entirely yours. If you're seeking a place where your love story can unfold in the most exquisite setting, consider the Len White Room for your special day. Join us on this journey to capture the moments that will become cherished memories for a lifetime. Reach out to book this captivating space and embark on a celebration that resonates through time's embrace.

Wedding Photos at Moot house

The Len White Room becomes a canvas, and my camera becomes the brush:

Nestled within the heart of Moot House, my photography studio finds its home where the magic of weddings unfolds. As you step into this cherished space, you're stepping into a world where every moment is captured, every emotion is frozen in time.

My lens becomes a storyteller, weaving the intricate tale of your special day. With Moot House as our backdrop, every frame is infused with the essence of the Len White Room's elegance and intimacy. Whether it's the stolen glances, the laughter, or the heartfelt vows, my camera immortalizes these fleeting moments.

In the gentle embrace of the magnolia-hued room, I navigate with an artist's eye, seeking out the perfect angles and candid expressions. The play of natural light that dances through the windows of the Len White Room finds its way into each photograph, adding a touch of ethereal beauty to every shot.

But it's not just about capturing images; it's about encapsulating feelings. The way your partner's eyes light up as you walk down the aisle, the joy shared between families, the tender touches – these are the emotions that come alive through my lens. The connection between you and the place, between you and each other, is woven into every photograph.

The Len White Room becomes a canvas, and my camera becomes the brush, painting strokes of your love story that will last a lifetime. From the intimate exchanges to the grand celebrations, each photograph captures the heart and soul of your wedding at Moot House, preserving the essence of your day for generations to come.