***FREE to participate***

I am currently creating a lockdown unity photo documentary capturing everything that is happening around us from a safe distance.

Creating a memory in history, paying tribute to all our workers and everyone who is doing their part in the current crisis. These photos are used to inform people of for example services that may be of use to them and to show just how real it all is. These photos will hopefully be used in museums and an exhibition once it is all safe to do so as you are all playing a very vital role in history which is why I want to capture it.

Although it is a difficult time I want to show how everyone has come together to support one another and if anyone needs any kind of support my platform spreads the word so they can get in contact if needed. I have the equipment available to be able to stand from a much further distance than the guidelines so that it is safe. If you would love to take part in this documentary or know of anyone who would like to please contact us
louise@hibbardphotography.co.uk 07719 322 319

It would be my pleasure to attend where ever suited to take photos, of course, we would need to set a time and date suitable with a contact number so I can ring when ready so that there is no contact involved. Please be aware I will NOT be entering any premises during any photos I take it is strictly from outside ONLY and from quite a distance as I have the camera equipment available to do so. If you feel you have something you would like me to capture that would mean I need to enter a premises please contact us to discuss it all in much more detail.